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Pilot Information

Pilot Registration Includes

4 Days & 40 Hours of Open Quali-flyingTM and Chance at $5000 City Prize Pool

10 A.M. - 10 P.M. Tuesday - Friday Quali-flyingTM

Break for Team Practice 4 P.M. - 6 P.M.

Top 32 Pro-Class pilots announced Friday @ 10 P.M.

Based on top fastest 3 consecutive laps - guaranteed to race in Pro-Class Main Event 6 P.M. Saturday

Top 33-64 pilots will place in Sport-Class and will race 1:30 P.M. Saturday for cash prizes.

Based on top fastest 3 consecutive laps - announced after  Quali-flyingTM round Saturday.

*Any registered pilot is eligible to fly in Last Chance Qualifying at the $50,000 "ChilDRONE of the Corn" Finale

Team Race Practice

Nightly from 4 P.M. - 6 P.M.   

This will be a "shirts v. skins" casual team race. Pilots will be paired up and races will be 10 minutes. Top 4 teams will advance to finals.

*Earn XP Points at the team race - get swag!

eXPerience Points

LiveTime Scoring will track your Quali-flyingTM laps and award points for every lap and other hidden achievements like beating your personal-best lap time. Redeem points for awesome swag from our sponsors! Just like the pizza place when you were a kid!

Compete for Cash & Prizes Each Night

Global Fastest Lap Bounty*

1st   $125/day

2nd $75/day

3rd  $50/day

Local Fastest Lap Bounty*

1st   $75/day

2nd $50/day

3rd  $25/day

Single pilot could earn $200/day! $800 for the week!

*Pilots can only hold one bounty position per leader board, but can carry both Global and Local bounties!


*Venue open to public


10 A.M. - 1 P.M. Last Chance LiteTrax Pass Only*

*practice limited to pilots that have not flown the track holding Saturday only Pass

City Championship Main Event - Sport-Class

1:30 P.M. - 5 P.M. Sport-Class Main Event - 32 pilots

Winners determined by double elimination bracket, time permitting

Team Race Finale

5:30 P.M. - 6 P.M. Team Race Main Event - 4 Teams

City Championship Main Event - Pro-Class

6 P.M. - 9 P.M. Pro-Class Main Event - 32 Pilots


City Champions Cash Prize Pool


Top 3 from each class are invited to the Finale!

1st Place from each city tour stop gets cash + round trip air and hotel accommodations to compete in the October 31st Finale "ChilDRONE of the Corn" in Topeka, KS for your share of a $50,000 prize purse!

2nd & 3rd Place win cash and qualify for the Finale with hotel accommodations covered.

Pro-Class Main Event Cash Prize

1st   $550 + Trip to Oct Finale

2nd $550 + Hotel

3rd  $500 + Hotel

4th  $400

5th  $250

6th  $250

Sport-Class Main Event Cash Prize

1st    $500 + Trip to Oct Finale

2nd  $225 + Hotel

3rd   $225 + Hotel

4th   $225

5th   $225

6th   $225

Team Race Finale Cash Prize

1st    $1000

That's Not All...

Last Chance Qualifying at Finals!

If you flew in the tour, regardless of how you placed - you're invited to give it one more shot to compete for a piece of the $50,000!

Top 6 fastest pilots from the Last Chance Qualifying round at the "ChilDRONE of the Corn" Finals Race in Topeka, KS will fly with the top 66 pilots from each city tour stop! 1st - 3rd will fly with Pro-Class and 4th - 6th in Sport-Class.

Pilot Registration Fees

Early Bird Special 2/22/18-?

Single City      $225

Two'er Stops  $420

Triple City      $500   (+$125 for each additional city)

All AxXess    $1000

LiteTrax           $135    (Saturday access only)

Pit Pass             $35

Early Bird Swag

*Because you make that t-shirt look good!

First 50 Singles = Tour Crew T-Shirt

First 20 Two'ers = New ERA Hat + above

First 10 Triples = Personalized Hoodie +  all above

First 3 AxXess = LighTrax XP Member Jacket + all above


"Wormless"  - Don't Wait!

Single City       $275

Two'er Stops  $460

Triple City       $600   (+$150 for each additional city)

All AxXess      $1250

LiteTrax            $135    (Saturday access only)

Pit Pass              $35

Drone Requirements

Open class. LEDs required on all drones. Plug in style LEDs will be available for purchase at event. Video transmitter limited to 25mW max or a switchable VTx. No battery restrictions. 

Pilot Registration Starts Feb 22

All pilots must be current AMA members to participate in this race. You will need to present your membership card or number upon signing in at the event.  If you are not a member or have an expired membership, you can register/renew at the event. 

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